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Well Planning solution

WellScan’s Well Planning solution is designed for a quick and accurate well plan creation that meets all the targets and helps identify risks early on.

Our Well Planning solution uses the latest error models from ISCWA, and provides powerful tools such as anti-collision calculations and 3D visualization to minimize risk and uncertainty from collision.

Wallplots, plan reports, and anti-collision reports can be easily and quickly created, modified, saved, and exported in common formats such as PDF and Excel.

Main Features of Well Planning solutions

  1. Well Path design - 2D automated wellpath design; 3D well trajectory construction interface (Build/Turn, slant, kick-off, go to target; Complete management of Geodesy and Geomagnetics)

  2. Collision Avoidance - calculation of relative uncertainty, separation factor, probability of collision; Calculation of Ellipse of Uncertainty for any survey including latest ISCWSA error models; 2D/3D views, Spider plot, Travelling cylinder

  3. BHA Sag Management - Calculation of BHA Sag error; Opimisation of BHA design, according to sensor package location; Survey correction over a run, or over a complete well trajectory

  4. Local Doglegs - Assessment of Local doglegs between survey stations; Trajectory reconstruction, using actual steering parameters of RSS and Steerable motor BHAs

Benefits of Well Planning solutions

  1. Optimal Well Path creation - Create your wellbore path ensuring all your targets are reached in the most optimal manner

  2. 3D visualisation - Visualise your wellbore in 3D along with ellipsoids of uncertainty and offset wells

  3. Anti-collision calculations - Run anti-collision calculation to minimise risk and uncertainty from risk of collision

  4. Evaluation of BHA type on trajectory qualityImport sliding/rotating, activation and toolface logs to accurately reconstruct the Pattern Slide/Rotate and highlight any detrimental borehole oscillation.

  5. Borehole quality identification and improvement - Assess potential issue due to tortuosity and learn to adjust for Slide/Rotate Pattern when drilling with a motor BHA or optimize Steering with an RSS BHA

  6. Better casing and completion running analysis - Local Dogleg module helps in decision making to insure that the appropriate mitigation measures are choosen prior to running in hole casing or completion strings.

  7. Reporting - Generate wall plots and reports easily and quickly with the ability to modify to meet your needs and requirements

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