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BitScan - Advanced PDC bit modelling solution

BitScan is an advanced software developed by DrillScan to help bit manufacturers during the conception of PDC bits. Calculations in BitScan are based on the Mines ParisTech cutter-rock interaction law presented in the SPE 98988 paper. This model takes into account PDC angles, shape, chamfer and rock effects.


Single cutter tests gave good models of the effects of the backrake, siderake and chamfer and were extended to full scale drill bit test to assess the complete effects of the bit, of the formation and of the pressure on the bit performances.

Main Features of BitScan - Advanced PDC bit modelling solution

  1. Design - Creates a detailed 3D PDC bit model, automatic processing, validation of design and export 3d model output for CAD software such as SolidWorks and Pro/ENGINEER

  2. Sensitivity - This module takes the best out of 30 years of research and experimental qualification to optimise the cutting structure and the design of the bit. This thorough process aims at gaining in terms of bit performance such as ROP, RPM, TOB, and WOB as well as individual cutter wear. 

  3. Simulation - allows to test the bit that has been designed at the above stages and to ensure that this design is suitable and optimised in terms of performance, directional control and wear. This module is a pre-well process to improve the blade profiles, the cutter positions and orientations.

  4. Post-analysis - is based on the definition of sections of constant drilling parameters and lithology to calculate average performances of the bit. It is a powerful and helpful tool given to the bit engineer to analyse a bit design through a run and to compare it under in-field conditions. Based on field measurements during a run, this post-well analysis ensures the understanding of the bit performances at every single cutter

Benefits of BitScan - Advanced PDC bit modelling solution

  1. Bit Calculation - calculate your bit steerability and bit Walk, WOB/TOB ratio, contact areas and forces on the cutters, bit imbalance forceing all your targets are reached in the most optimal manner

  2. Derive diverse results among which are the distributions of cutting section, friction area and orientation of the resulting normal forces.

  3. Save time and cost - Run multiple calculations for diverse settings

  4. Comparison - compare between several PDC bit designs considering the same drilling parameters or considering the variation of one parameters

  5. BitScan provides complete and utter graphical tools, which means that there is no need to export the results and plot them using other graphical tools

  6. Post analysis - hastens the lessons learned process and optimises the field experience that one may get when drilling with the same bit. Identifies drilling dysfunctions causes by performing advanced drilling process Mechanical Specific Energy (MSE) analysis with proprietary pattern.

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