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BHA/Bit - Directional Drilling solution

WellScan's directional drilling solutions allow you to evaluate the 3D directional response of any drilling system. However our directional drilling solutions couples the PDC Bit and BHA design to predict the equilibrium curvature (build/drop & turn rates) of a drilling system under all operating conditions.

Drilling Dynamics drilling solution allows you to calculate natural frequencies and corresponding natural shapes of a given drilling assembly, well geometry and set of operating parameters. By assuming excitation sources, such as a system mass imbalance, these natural frequencies can be linked to critical surface rotational speeds. It helps to better position specific equipment, such as MWDs, GWD, LWD tools…URWD, and enables the calculation of safe rotation speeds to avoid resonant vibrations.

Main Features of BHA/Bit - Directional Drilling solutions

  1. BHA Pre-Analysis - Performance analysis for all type of BHA (Rotary, Steerable motor, RSS, URWD); BHA design optimisation and 3D directional prediction

  2. PDC Bit Model - Computation of main PDC Bit directional characteristics (Steerability & walk); Advanced model, coupling Rock hardness/PDC Bit/BHA

  3. BHA Post-Analysis - Field performance post analysis; Learning curve improvement

  4. Trajectory Prediction - Step-by-step directional computation based on bit & BHA interaction analysis; Directional prediction using operational settings, lithology, BHA & PDC bit design

  5. Vibrational Modal Analysis - Lateral, axial and torsional vibration modal analysis; Determination of critical RPM at multiple depths along the well

  6. Stick-Slip - Stick-Slip modelling, induced by dynamic friction between BHA/drillstring and borehole; Investigation into stick-slip mitigation measures

Benefits of BHA/Bit - Directional Drilling solutions

  1. Fixed and equilibrium curvature calculation modes - Calculate the tilt at bit, the side forces, the bending moment and the deflection of the BHA along your trajectory.

  2. Automatic and optimised rotary BHA design - Design a simplified BHA in less than a minute or a complete customised BHA with full personalisation of each element.

  3. Borehole tortuosity simulation - Determine the cumulative effects of the lithology and of any type of BHA (Steerable Motor, RSS, Rotary…) on the wellbore tortuosity to mitigate them.

  4. Planned operating parameters evaluation - Assess potential inabilities in achieving your directional objectives with the planned operating parameters logs and hole conditions.

  5. Interactivity of BHA post-analysis with pre-analysis results - Improve results accuracy with feedback from the BHA Pre-Analysis module.

  6. Automated integrated segmentation tool - For ease of use, our software automatically divides the whole run in several segments using a powerful algorithm.

  7. Trajectories comparison - The Trajectory Prediction module provides a fast tool to compare computed results and the planned trajectory.

  8. Drilling parameters optimisation - Simulating multiple ranges of critical conditions (RPM, WOB, hole over-gauge…) allows the choice of safer drilling parameters and avoid BHA resonance.

  9. Critical BHA tools integrity - By spotting high displacement zones due to vibrations, the Vibration Modal Analysis module allows to better assess damage risks on sensitive downhole tools (RSS, instrumented collars…).

  10. Drilling performance enhancement - High vibration levels affect the drilling process significantly, and need to be minimised. They are responsible for bit wear, pipe fatigue, can decrease borehole quality and can decrease drilling performance (ROP) as well as lead to mechanical failures of tools.

  11. Sensitivity analyses - Use the variation mode on several drilling parameters to assess their impact on the BHA’s directional response.

  12. Uncertainty analysis - Improve accuracy of the results by associating the Trajectory Prediction module to the BHA Pre-Analysis and the PDC Bit Model modules.

  13. Fast and accurate results - Determine the BHA responsiveness in few minutes, making this module suitable for while-drilling operations.

  14. Access to DrillScan expertise and support - Benefit from the DrillScan’s significant staff experience in directional drilling to achieve your objectives.

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