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DrillScan Europe SAS

DrillScan is an independent company that offers unique business solutions for improving drilling performance. The company is organised into three departments. Drilling software development, Well engineering and R&D services. DrillScan helps their customers in their choices; with guidance and definition of robust drilling systems for specific applications such as: Complex wells, Deep water drilling, HPHT, Foothills, HDD, SAGD, CBM, ERD and more….

Danvic Petroleum International Limited
Danvic Petroleum International Limited through public and dedicated programs has successfully over the years delivered high end oil & gas technical and Management courses to the benefit of numerous clients globally. It has successfully delivered over 250 courses to over 500 professionals in the oil & gas industry

LOJ Engineering Consultants Nigeria Limited (LOJ)

LOJ is a dynamic and articulate engineering consultancy services company that specialises in providing a number of value added consultancy services for the Energy (Oil and Gas) industry. LOJ has several professionals who have excelled in their various chosen concerns and are willing to deliver value to LOJ's various customers through competent and quality services. LOJ assists in assessing assets, portfolios, investment strategies, technologies and personnel skills to enable customers maximise value.

i-FLOW Energy Limited
i-Flow Energy Limited is a specialist Technology and Service Company with international experience in integrated real-time engineering and software solutions, flow assurance management and capacity building to the global oil and gas industry. They lead a consortium of specialist investment and oilfield project management organisations with recognised expertise and experience in Integrated Petroleum Engineering Solutions, and oilfield development/operation, Unconventional Energy Technologies and Capacity Building to the international oil and gas and energy industries.
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