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DrillString solution

WellScan's Drill String Mechanics’s Torque and Drag and Buckling module with contact point calculation is highly recommended to properly estimate drill string loads. Torque and Drag and Soft String models lack of accuracy and may lead to a risk of failure, lock-up, drilling issues, casing wear and poor overall drilling performance.

Normaly a FEA model is used to solve stiff-string model but it is very slow. Our stiff-string model is as accurate and the FEA methodology has been overcome by a fast numerical integration.


Using our casing wear directional drilling module, you are able to determine the effect of various RIH and rotating operations on the overall integrity of the well.


The Casing Deformation and Standoff module is used to determine the resulting standoff of a casing with a proposed centralisation program.

Main Features of DrillString solutions

  1. Soft String - Torque & Drag analysis using a soft-string model

  2. Torque & Drag & Buckling - Torque & Drag analysis using a unique 3D stiff-string model, with buckling management; Tension, torque, side-forces, stretch and twist profiles along any string

  3. Drillstring Fatigue - Cumulative fatigue analysis at any location within the drillstring

  4. Wellbore Hydraulics - Calculation of pressure losses & ECD profile; Swab and Surge pressure calculation

Benefits of DrillString solutions

  1. Tripping, Drilling, Rotating, Sliding Operations - Optimise the well trajectory, drill string design, and rig size.

  2. Tortuosity - Tortuosity can be added to the planned well path to simulate actual field conditions.

  3. Field data - Hook loads and torque at surface can easily be compared with actual data to derive friction factors.

  4. Automatic reports - Microsoft Word report is automatically generated.

  5. 3D Contact & Viewer - Powerful contact calculation algorithm between drill string and wellbore with reduced computation time. The 3D T&D&B viewer enables better and easier interpretation.

  6. Advanced buckling calculations - The only commercial solution calculating the contact forces, deflection and bending stress of the post-buckled string. Comparison with conventional sinusoidal and helical buckling loads.

  7. Drilling, Completion & Work Over operations - Make sure that drilling & completion strings can safely reach TD! Simulate run in hole operations for casing, liner, coiled, tubing and completion strings

  8. Well planning & drill string Design - Optimise the well trajectory, drill string design and rig size.

  9. Evaluation of Friction Reduction Tools - Determine the effect of friction reduction tools with rigorous modeling to quantify their benefits.

  10. Casing While Drilling - Accurate simulation of casing while drilling can be handled.

  11. Cumulative Fatigue Damage Calculation - Determine the stresses & fatigue at any point of a given equipment (motor, MWD, DC, DP) while drilling, reaming or rotating

  12. Stress Distribution - Determine the stress distribution along any drill string and equipment

  13. S-N curves - Use your own or state of the art published S-N curves.

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