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Water Injection (Design, Surveillance & Diagnosis)

Course Objectives

  • Learn the fundamental of water injectors and its role in reservoir pressure support 

  • Learn the operating fundamental of a water injection system

  • Gain knowledge on important factor to consider when designing a water injector (design and well construction) 

  • Learn practical methods of monitoring, analysing and optimising water injector's performance

Who should attend the course:
Asset Managers, Petroleum Engineers, Production Engineers and Reservoir Engineers who aim at improving their knowledge on the subject.
Attendees are required to bring their laptop.

Day 1 - Fundamentals

  • Overview of water injection well (why inject?, reservoir drive mechanisms, type of source water used in water injection) 

  • Review of rock properties and fluid flow

  • Rock properties - porosity, permeability, pore throat size, grain size, wettability, temperature, pressure, formation damage, fracture pressure

  • Water injection systems - Main components, types and purpose of pumps, filtration of water and purpose of injection well manifolds

Day 2 - Applications

  • Water injection well design and construction - oil leg vs water leg

  • Sand production in water injections and the effect of Emergency Shut Down (ESD) systems on sanding 

  • Water injection performance diagnosis

  • Water injection surveillance

Day1 evening - Networking @ Sheraton Ikeja
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