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DrillScan Drilling Software customisation solution

Multiple levels of on-demand Drillscan Drilling Software customisation are available from minor database customisation to store additional data to full fledged modules tailored to your workflow.


We can also develop specific equipment libraries (either private or publicly distributed with the software) or tailored import/export modules to import proprietary data (e.g. MWD logs) or export to third party solutions (e.g. design to CAD software)

Main Features of Drilling Software customisation solution

  1. Import / Export - API to easily import/export data, hooks for proprietary algorithm, custom development for third party import/export

  2. Database customisation - Create public or private custom equipments list, add new fields or specialised data in the database

  3. Custom modules - Custom release of the software with tailored module based on your specifications and workflows

Benefits of Drilling Software customisation solution

  1. REDUCE DRILL STRING MODELLING TIME - By having an equipment library containing ready-made components tailored to your project or your catalog you can drastically reduce the time required for engineers to model a drill string.

  2. IMPORT PROPRIETARY DATA - We can develop library to quickly import proprietary data in the software (MWD records, custom logs format…).

  3. EXPORT TO THIRD PARTY SOLUTIONS - We can develop bridges to export data to third party solutions (design to CAD software, specialised reports…).

  4. TAILOR THE SOFTWARE TO YOUR WORKFLOW - By tweaking the software to store new data you require or create a tailor-made module based on your workflow we can customise the software to your needs.

  5. PROTECT YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY - We can add custom hooks to allow you to run your proprietary algorithm while retaining full security over your intellectual property.

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